A Favorite that Sucks

A nice quiet Sunday, damn I mean Monday. This is really going to screw up my brain for work tomorrow. Only a few more days left in December and in 2011, damn that was such a fast year. I don’t know if everything flew by because I actually had a job for almost 3/4 of it or what but this year is such a blur.

Well, only a little bit left and thankfully only a few more favorites for me to try to figure out.

Hmmm…well let’s go with what should be a very obvious one for today

My Favorites, Day 25: Vampires

I don’t really know how it all started but I have had an obsession with vampires for over a decade. When I was a kid I was forced to watch horror films by my babysitter, they were sadists SOBs but I guess I have them to thank because I am pretty sure my first vampire movie was “Subspecies.”

When I was a teen I found my inner goth, before goth was cool, and read perhaps my favorite young author’s works: Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. She was an inspiration to me because she got published at age 13 and I was 12 when I first read her books. My favorite of her original stories is “Shattered Mirror.”

What is great about my teenage years is that it was the decade of Buffy and Angel and many more vampire tv shows, movies and so much more. There is no way I could possibly pick my favorites of all of these, I posted a list in an older blog with my favorite vampires etc you can see those here. There is just too much I could get into concerning what are my favorite vampire things but I have done that before, so perhaps I should go into why? Why am I drawn to vampires? Well I am pretty sure a good psychologist would give you a clear answer about sexual repression, rebellion against the norm and some other stuff, but I don’t want to assume that these are the only reasons.

The Immortal Vampire: I was never drawn to the concept of immortality because I could live forever but rather because I could live through history, be a part of it, imagine what that would be like. What if I could be like Lestat and actually watch history develop, see the original events, creations, the people, that is so alluring.

The Sexy Vampire: Okay, I have to admit the brooding asshole has always been my type, the guy who has the tough exterior, can be dangerous but has the charm and romance to woo, yeah that is where my knees buckle. And, well, the vampire books I read at a young age probably shaped this attraction. The best example of this has to be one of my all-time favorite vampires: Angel/Angelus (although I am far too drawn to the evil Angelus)

The Powerful Vampire: The concept of having power and control over not only yourself, special powers but others as well, how can you not be drawn to that. The scenes that I enjoy the most are the ones that involve glamouring, trances etc., perhaps out of feeling the lack of control I feel like I have in my own life, whatever, I enjoy those bits. Of course one of the masters of this trance and hypnosis is Dracula, so I give you my favorite portrayal of the dark Prince by Gary Oldman.

The Beautiful Vampire: For someone with image issues, the idea of a vampire being eternally perfect with no flaws, no fat, nothing but your true inner beauty shining through, that is definitely something that pulls me in. What if you never had to worry about acne, fat, harm of any kind coming to your body, see that is amazing to me. My favorite vampire beauty is Baby Jessica from True Blood, when we first meet her as a mortal she isn’t overtly gorgeous but then she transforms into a gorgeous being.

I could go more indepth but that could get a little weird, so hopefully I don’t come off too creepy with my vampire lovefest here, but hey it is one of my favorite things and I am not ashamed to say it!

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